Computes CAD ZW3D

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The CAD program easy to use yet complete,
powerful and targeted for the sheet metal.
COMPUTES CAD ZW3D is the software for planning, drawing,
3D modelling and rendering that speeds up and refines the production.
Computes CAD ZWCAD


The fast, cost-effective and 100% DWG-compatible 2D CAD software.

Computes CAD ZW3D
Computes CAD ZW3D

Innovative for completeness, speed and customization.

Time and work saving

Advanced functions allow you to speed up the planning phase and optimize the producibility level of the drawing, reducing time of work. Fast also for opening and managing the CAD files receive.

to the customer

Even more targeted to your needs! Computes Group can develops new feature basing on your requests.

Immediately operative

Take immediate advantages of the potential! It won't take long to learn because the software is really intuitive.


ZW3D is compatible with ERP: each product’s data is directly imported, reducing errors and time of  compiling.

No sheet metal wasting

Automatic design features which simplifies the work, reduces the error risk in the unfolding view and in the production of the drawing that will be transmitted to the machine.

All in one

CAD / CAM is a solution that integrates the product design and its development, the verification and the CNC execution.

The drawing as you want it. The software as you need it.


Complete edges and sheet metal management to maximize the producibility of the drawing which allow you to save time because the piece doesn’t need long welding processes to fill bend zones and polishing.

3dbom assembly management

For each product, you can create a report base on the list of the realized parts. This list is exported in an excel file (with possibility to add attributes of interest) and it’ s imported in the ERP. Everything automatically, without compile anything by hand.

Automatic 2d drawings

Automatic 2D drawings of the components in the assembly. For each part, you get the 2D drawing ready to be produced or modified.

Opening speed of large assemblies

Don't waste precious minutes, in a short time COMPUTES CAD ZW3D opens the received files of complex drawings. Multiply this advantage for all the files you receive, you'll see real savings!

Automatic dimensioning

While you are drawing a component, COMPUTES CAD ZW3D takes care of dimensioning it. The dimensions are automatically set during the design or when the drawing is finished.

Only with Computes Group

Solo con Computes Group

Thanks to the experience and knowledge of our specialized staff, Computes Group provides a suite of additional commands which customize the software according to specific needs.

Prepare, create and organize
Everything you can do with COMPUTES CAD ZW3D


› Opening files of other CAD software

› From 2D to 3D: it is possible to import in 3D environment two-dimensional file that will become parametric and therefore editable.

› Standardized element libraries: nuts, washers, screws, bearings and Trace Parts and Cadenas connection

› Free viewers CADBRO


› Sheet metal-specific hybrid  modeling for surface and solids

› Parametric modeling of shapes to create new solids, modify them or perform specific processing without creating contours, constraints and dimensions

› Automatic direct modeling for fast and easy modification of solids surfaces, part sizes and bends

› Realistic calculation of sheet metal shrinkage using bending machine numeric control' s rules

› Automatic creation of open or closed embossing, open or closed lines, circle or other geometrical shape

› Automatic management of interference between the bends and possibility to select the light to leave between the two flanges

› Complete management of sheet metal opening slots

› Assembly modeling in bottom-up mode (draw components and create an assembly) or top-down mode (start from a layout and draw components)

› Rendering: photorealistic 3D view of the component with application of materials, backgrounds and lights. Connection to SIMLAB COMPOSER or KEY SHOT

› Elbow curve automatically created starting from two profiles with the possibility to modify the dimensions even when the object is finished and to create the sheet metal development views of the single parts of the tube.

› Structures creation  using profiles from integrated catalogue to which you can add custom profiles


› 2D assembly drawing with automatic balloon and BOM, sections and detail views. Possibility to automatically quote each view

› Complete 2D  drawing management in which you design using two-dimensional commands, create parametric geometries and insert 3D renderings of the drawing 

› Synchronization of parametric 3D assemblies with dimensions inserted in an Excel table

› Dynamic section view and interference check to see if the parts mate

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