No surprises on the press brake!

Computes BEND Autopolis a solution for sheet metal bending

COMPUTES GROUP proposes the software which allows you to simulate the bending of the single workpiece, make corrections during the design phase and program the press brake easily and quickly.



Reduces the time needed to create the program
and reduces the material waste

Have you got the right tools for the required machining? Is there a design error? Will you be able to bend it in one piece or will you have to cut it and build it in several pieces? With COMPUTES BEND AutoPOL you can check for problems (such as part interference during bending) and take the right decision without wasting time and materials.

Reduces times of machine occupancy time and of the operator

While you are creating the program on the CNC, the press brake is blocked. Moving the programming in the office will free valuable resources in the workshop.

Reduces the competence required for programming and enhances the value of the operator in real value-added operations

COMPUTES BEND AutoPOL automatically calculates the machine tools setup, the optimized bending sequence, the position of the NC generation, the generation of the documentation for the machine operator. For more complex pieces, a good operator will help the program to arrive at the most optimized solution.

More precise 2d flat pattern view lead to time saving in welding and assembly

The calculation of the 2D flat pattern view is no longer theoretical but it' s done considering the tools that will be used for bending. The task of those who will have to deal with welding and assembly is simplified.



From drawing to sending the bending sequence, COMPUTES BEND AutoPOL is the solution for single part bending.


Have you got more press brakes with different CNC? Don't worry COMPUTES BEND AutoPOL can handle the tooling search and simulation of the bending process in any case without any problems. COMPUTES BEND AutoPOL includes post processors from all manufacturers who have opened up their CNC. For all of these it is also possible to send the program directly to the machine.

3d cad environment and drawing module design

COMPUTES BEND AutoPOL is based on a true parametric 3D drawing environment that allows you to open and manage individual parts from other 3D CADs. The commands are available to modify the parts and to correct typical errors made by the technical studies, i.e. the bending radius and bending reliefs. It is possible to divide a solid into several parts in case it is not possible to bend it into a single piece. With the optional DESIGN module you can also create single, parametric parts from scratch.

Simplify customer’s dxf management

Allows you to create a 3D drawing from a 2D flat view imported from the DXF format.

Parametric shapes catalogue

It includes a catalogue of parametric shapes of difficult designing and realization. Hoppers, couplings, fittings, sector curves, are just a few examples of the details available.

Search for suitable tool type

The software automatically chooses the type of punches and dies among those available in the customer's real warehouse or from a restricted set defined by the operator. In case there is no solution with such tools, it is possible to perform a search among the catalogues of the major manufacturers.

Complete bending sequence simulation

The software looks for the bending sequence that minimizes the number of tools, the movements of the part and operator basing on the priority assigned to each one. It then defines how many tool stations to use and the composition of the stations based on the fractions available in stock. If the post processor for the CNC is available, the software creates the file that only needs to be loaded and run on the CNC. If the post processor is not available then the software creates a PDF documentation that can be passed to the machine operator who will then be able to create the program quickly with the CNC.

Records the experience of the press-brake operator

The experience of the "older" operator can be saved within COMPUTES BEND AutoPOL. Through the software it is possible to save the final result of what has been the research to the optimization of the bending cycle. This allows even a novice operator to repeat, with maximum efficiency, the bending cycle performed by the most experienced operator.

Flat pattern view without errors

COMPUTES BEND AutoPOL allows you to save the flat view to be cut after the bend simulation after choosing the appropriate tools to use. Only during the bending phase, in fact, you realize which tools are the best to use.

Optional Module “BATCH & REMOTE”

It manages the automatic processing of all single 3D files that the software finds in a reference directory.

This module is ideal for those who need to create programs for a large number of parts that don' t require any special precautions for the creation of the program.

The report shows the work progress.

Not only that. It optimizes time and prepares the work for the next day. When? At night. No need to employ workers, just program the process of the files at night and "BATCH & REMOTE" will automatically check them one by one. If a file has problems for which no solution is found immediately, COMPUTES BEND AutoPOL will move on to the next file.


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Everything you can do With computes bend AutoPOL

› Import dai formati standard 3D IGES, STEP e SAT

› Import dei formati 3D nativi: Catia V4/V5/V6, Creo PTC ProE, Inventor, Siemens NX, Parasolid, SolidEdge, SolidWorks

› Apertura diretta dei disegni 3D da SolidWorks e Inventor

› Import dei formati standard 2D DXF/DWG

› Cataloghi figure parametriche (tramogge, tubi, raccordi)

› Modulo per la creazione dei disegni 3D: opzionale Design*

› Cataloghi utensili Tecnostamp, Rolleri, Trumpf, Wila e altri, immediatamente disponibili

  • Automatic bend sequence calculation
  • Automatic calculation of the machine tool setup
  • 3D simulation of the bending process with analysis of collisions, deformation of holes close to the bend and minimum bend length
  • 2D flat pattern view calculated basing on the tools provided for each fold
  • Export DXF of the flat view to be cut and of the views of the part
  • Detailed PDF report of the machine tooling stations setup, information about the position and the bend sequences
  • Link with Production Manager to comply with Industry Plan 4.0
  • Link with LinkLab for the management of feedback data lists from CNCs (Industry Plan 4.0).
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