We added value to the punching machine with

The CAD/CAM software selected by Computes Group for the management of punching technology. COMPUTES PUNCH CAMLAB is also available for programming machines for laser, plasma, oxyfuel, waterjet, combined and tube cutting.



Saving time in the office

A unique environment for drawing, quotation, nesting and preparing punching sequences. The software automatically chooses the best tools to do the work. Other precious time can be saved by automatically importing the list of parts to be put into production from the company management system.

Saving time on the machine

The optimized calculation of cutting sort and the sequence in which the tools work on the punch machine also makes a difference on the machine.

Saving on tool wear

The automatic selection of the correct punching step allows the tool to always work evenly and wear less.

Management of the most complex tools

There is no limit in the management of the most complex tools: deformation tools, grid tools, wheel tools with the management of several passes
at different heights, writing tools, etc. …


From the experience of Computes Group, the selection of a software capable of winning the challenges of sheet metal punching

2D cad

Are you programming and need to modify a geometry? You no longer need to open the CAD program. Continue your work with COMPUTES PUNCH CAMLAB. Discover the integrated 2D CAD function!

Each piece, managed as a single part

Another step forward in simplifying your work: COMPUTES PUNCH CAMLAB recognizes as single all the pieces drawn in a single file. No more DXF saves for each piece, now you can manage them independently on the same drawing

Intelligent archiving

Greater efficiency in work organization. COMPUTES PUNCH CAMLAB stores individual pieces in a database, not in a folder, where you can search by code or type (such as sheet metal thickness), and filter according to your needs.

Macro generation

You can create and save MACRO (for profile cutting) to be imported into the punching drawing you are making. Useful especially in case of repetitive modifications.

Automatic and manual

With COMPUTES PUNCH CAMLAB it is possible to work automatically or with manual controls, sure to always get the best results. The professional can intervene when he wants to modify, for example, the repositioning or the punching order.

Cad-cam-erp software integration

Create an efficient system in your company! COMPUTES PUNCH CAMLAB integrates with ERP management systems for the benefit of a better organization of the workflow.

One software,
several machines

Do you have more punching machines? COMPUTES PUNCH CAMLAB generates NC code for machines of different constructors.

Production planning

You can filter production orders by delivery date. It's simple to put the requested part into production by setting the possible delivery date.

Complete and intuitive work panel

Through a panel, you can manage all the application of punching technology in a simple way, selecting punching modes, types of processing, compensation sides, directions of travel. You can configure the software to quickly apply parameters to geometries. Possibility of "programming" partial cuts and micro-joints.

Interactive and automatic nesting

Interactive nesting for fast piece positioning.
Automatic nesting to reduce programming time and material scrap.

optional module

New generation technology with nesting algorithms based on fast, strong and innovative mathematical methods. Significant reduction of scrap, number of sheets and NC programs to be executed in the machine.

Check before producing

With the realistic simulation of all operations, COMPUTES PUNCH CAMLAB allows a quick check of the program, before encoding in NC files to be sent to the machine.

Everything you can do
with Computes PUNCH CAMLAB

  • Import in DXF, DXG, WKF, PAR formats
  • Automatic closing profiles and removal of overlapping pieces
  • Quick creation of single programs from a drawing containing several profiles
  • Creating a working with Windows fonts (useful for creating signs)
  • Reduction function of entities for profiles with many entities (artistic figures)
  • Parts database for fast searches by material and thickness
  • Possibility of associating the most used commands to buttons or keys
  • Complete repositioning management for punching machines and combined machines
  • Sheet metal stock management
  • Quick recall of pre-configured onboard punch turret
  • Different print reports (also customizable) are available for the workshop
  • Quote module
  • Management of standard or serialized part number marking


Do you have a laser or combination machine?
Ask for our COMBI solution, the software that applies both cutting and punching technology.
  • Complete repositioning management for combined machines
  • Scrap destroying of internal holes to avoid collisions with the laser head
  • Skeleton cutting to make it easier to remove the worked sheet metal
  • Automatic final "T" cut for the recovery of rectangular scraps
  • Advanced management of common cuts with "8" mode
  • Management of bevel cut (inclined cuts)
  • Tube cutting management for 2-axis machines


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