Our experience makes the difference!

360° services to measure for you
COMPUTES GROUP is at the side of companies that work with the sheet metal
with a professional consulting service and qualified training to provide assistance
in all phases of the production process.

Complete, qualified, customized on your needs.

Immediately operational

Use the software now. In just a few days, with the COMPUTES CARE training service you are autonomous and operational.

Save time, protect production

A phone call is enough to find a team of experts at your service: we respond with timely and professional technical interventions to protect your production.

Single interlocutor for different scopes

With COMPUTES GROUP you are sure to choose a supplier that offers a complete suite of products and services for CAD3D, laser CAM, punching CAM, bending CAM, interconnection, ERP.


Tailor-made solutions

Training in the use of the software can be customized according to the needs of the company and the pieces that he actually produces.


Provides the software for each phase of sheet metal working and the support to make the best use of it.

Everything you can do with COMPUTES CARE
Our solutions for working with peace of mind


Even the most complex software becomes a powerful tool for your company with COMPUTES CARE.

When purchasing the software, COMPUTES GROUP offers a training course based on the operator's experience and business' objectives.

Objective: to make the user autonomous.

Not only.

Software is a smart investment that gives immediate benefits to the company, and even more when it is put to the best use. COMPUTES GROUP organizes, on request, advanced training courses to deepen the functions of the software and use it to its full potential.


Each software requires a learning time. And in the meantime? To respond to production emergencies, COMPUTES GROUP can provide a technical consulting service to reduce design and processing time.

We can provide consulting for

  • 3D design from scratch or from 2D drawings;
  • edit of the 3D models received from customers and generation of 2D flat pattern view and in general of the 2D drawings for the workshop;
  • 3D parametric design pushed for those who make parametric parts such as metal furniture, security doors, elevators, etc.
  • generation of nesting for punching machines, lasers etc.
  • programming of bending machines with tooling calculation, calculation of the optimal bending sequence, images for the positioning of the piece at each step.

The COMPUTES GROUP team consists of experienced technicians with a solid background in the sheet metal working field and in the programming, so they are able to provide a versatile and qualified consulting service.


We are at your side when you need us. Don't risk to interrupt production, ask for the solution to your problems immediately to our Support Service.

By signing annual contracts you have the security of a prompt and qualified intervention in two ways:

  • remotely
  • via phone

It is possible to provide the COMPUTES CARE service also for solutions not present in the catalogue. Contact us to learn more!

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Computes Care
Computes CARE
Our experience make the difference!